Card Tray for 3" x 5" Index/Kanban Cards

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Card Tray for 3" x 5" Index/Kanban Cards

This card tray organizer/holder was initially made to keep board game cards, well, organized during gameplay. It grew in popularity so much so that we received a request to fashion a tray that would accommodate 3” x 5” index cards. And, thus, this product was born.

Keep your 3” x 5” index cards organized with these trays. Each set includes two trays, 3 slots each tray, totaling 6 slots altogether. Snap the two trays together to assemble cards in two tiers, or keep them aligned side-by-side. Either way, your cards are kept organized and easily accessible!

Card Slot Dimensions: 78 mm (width) x 113 mm (depth) (approx. 3” x 4.4”)

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