Settlers of Catan Card Tray/Box Organizer

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Settlers of Catan Card Tray/Box Organizer

***Please Read***

If you are planning to use this for the US version of Catan, please order the #63 Tray. The other sizes are meant for other games. For other games, check out this list of games and their card sizes on BoardGameGeek's forum.


In the base Settlers of Catan game, there are 120 cards split into 6 types. If you play the Cities and Knights Expansion, which is amazing, this puts the total to 193 split into 12 types! 

That's a lot of cards! And we all know these cards tend to get scattered in the course of the game - adding further stress to your already distressed relationships...if you're playing Catan right ;) But there is hope! Introducing Solid Factory Card Tray/Box Organizer! 

This product contains many thoughtful features for the Catan player. For example, these trays are stackable so you can save precious table space. And not only do they fit in the original game box, they can be snapped together forming a card box for easy storage. 

Each order contains a pair of 3-card trays. So make sure to order 2 pairs if you play the Cities and Knights Expansion! 

P.S. If you play with sleeved cards AND want to use these holders as boxes, you'll want to order 2 pairs because the sleeves add too much thickness and need to be distributed into 2 boxes. At least you'll have 2 resource banks which is nice...