Medieval Dice Tower

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Medieval Dice Tower

The Medieval Dice Tower adds fun, fairness, and functionality to your next game night.

Drop the dice into the tower and watch as they tumble down the unique spiral staircase. Emptying out into the dice tray, dice can no longer do what they love most: scattering across the table, knocking over your game pieces, and finding their way under the sofa. No more looking around for rogue dice as your opponent carefully re-positions toppled game pieces based on their perfectly unbiased memory. Put an end to the chaos and cheating...unless you have a "lucky" set of dice which may or may not be weighted. 

When victory is yours and it's time to pack up, the tower can be secured flat against the tray with the chain and hook. Stow the dice safely in the built-in dice compartment until the time next game night.

This tower will ensure fair play with statistically proven randomness. Fair is the new fun with features like the working drawbridge which can be set upright and knocked down by incoming dice. Add in the accurately modeled architectural features and this Medieval Dice Tower is sure to impress both friend and foe alike at your next game night.

Packed with Features:

-Innovative spiral staircase with uneven step height for increased randomization
-Genuine architectural features such as the arrow-slits, windows, and corbel are modeled after real Medieval castles
-Perfectly balanced drawbridge can be set upright then knocked down by incoming dice
-Low-profile, negative sloping tray wall reduces the probability of dice jumping out of the tray without obstructing players' view of dice
-Hidden dice compartment secured by rare earth magnet holds 8-10 standard sized dice
-Portable design -- detachable tower can be laid down onto tray and secured by metal chain
-Exceptional dice rolling ability despite compact size -- can easily roll 16 standard sized dice at once
-Large viewing port stylized as a ruined wall allows players to see the dice rolling down
-Rounded tray walls and edges make it easier to scoop up dice vs. typical rectangular tray designs

Product Dimensions:
Assembled = 7.25" length x 3.5" width x 5.5" height
Disassembled = 7.25" length x 3.5" width x 4" height

Made in the USA