Codenames Card Organizer

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Codenames Card Organizer

"Codenames Anxiety Disorder" 

It's a serious condition that affects millions of players, especially those with OCD-like tendencies. If left untreated, players will endlessly adjust cards throughout the game, hoping to achieve a "perfect" 5 x 5 grid, which is why we developed this therapeutic... 

Okay, in all seriousness, this organizer tray, made of clear acrylic, is designed to be the perfect companion to your beloved Codenames game. With this tray, it's super quick and easy to set up a game of Codenames, no more fidgeting around with the cards. Also, I made these little pockets in the corners so that it's super easy to swap out cards for the next round -- simply push down on any corner to pop the card up (see picture). And it's made of 4 pieces which fit together like a puzzle, so that you can store it in your game box!

***Please note: This listing does not include the Codenames playing cards, just the tray seen in the pictures.***