Aurora Blue

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Aurora Blue

Introducing the Fire Bulbasaur Planter!
What’s so special about it? The way we print it! "Jelly Donut" - A Method for Printing Two Colors

We came up with this 3D printing technique that combines colors in a new, revolutionary way. By carefully printing the outer shell in yellow and the inner structure in red, we are able to mix colors in a way that’s only possible through 3D printing. Both colors are translucent allowing them to blend naturally as light passes through. Shining brilliantly when viewed at various angles, the luster surface is a nod to the holographic rare cards. With its soft blend of blue green hues and reflected highlights, this dual color technique is our tribute to a beloved Pokemon.

(Thank you to LeoDuhVinci whose original design can be found here:

Small: potting space of about 1.6” in diameter and 0.9” in depth, suitable only for seedlings.

Medium: potting space of about 1.9” in diameter and 1.1” in depth, which is best for small succulents that have been in 2" pots.

Small w/ green or red faux succulent: For those of us without a green thumb, we have a new succulent option for the Small Aurora Blue Bulbasaur. This new option consists of a green or red faux succulent nestled atop a bed of preserved moss.